Jen Landy

On the personal side, our Executive chef was raised at the Jersey shore and has enjoyed cooking ever since she was seven years old, making breakfast and dinner in the family kitchen with mom.  Attending culinary vocational school while completing high school, Jen furthered her education by earning a degree in culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  And, at present, she is ambitiously pursuing a B.S. degree in Culinary Management at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s online division.  Not only via her college courses, but through seminars, conferences and research, Jen is diligent about studying and staying current with culinary trends and techniques, 

 Within our community, Jen is an active member of the American Chef Federation, Jersey Shore sector.  A nationwide organization with areas or counties having their own local chapter, the federation holds monthly meetings, does charity work with the local Food Bank, and provides educational programs with certifications to their membership.  

 Professionally, our Executive Chef’s experience has been in the kitchens of golf and country clubs.  Jen has hands on experience in every station from pantry to sauté, be it a la carte, banquets, weddings or wine dinners.  Under her mentor, Chef Carolyn Flinn/Executive Chef at Canoebrooke Country Club, Chef Landy worked as Sous Chef at Deal Golf and Country Club for seven years.  Most recently, Chef Landy worked under the guidance of Chef Maurice Maglione at Manasquan River Golf Club, creating seasonal menus, daily specials, and training staff.  Chef Landy skillfully prepared artistically presented food with a strong flavor palette, reflected in her use of fresh, seasonal ingredients.